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Boat Registration Numbers

CODE: Boat Numbers

Price: $25.00

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Want to be legal and look good at the same time? Get your boat registration numbers right here!
These regulated 3" height numbers come in several letter styles and colors as well as cool effects. The material is a 6 year vinyl.

Please note that our boat numbers are sold in a set of two.

1. Select Color
2. Select Font/Letter Style
3. Select Effect

Note: When choosing the "Outline & Shadow" effect, note that the outline and shadow color is black, so you will need to choose any color other than black for the main color, otherwise it would end up being black letters with a black outline and shadow.

Note: There is an additional $10.00 charge for the outline option (main color and outline) as it counts as a two color job. There is no additional charge for outlines only or outlines only with shadow. Those options only count as one color.

If you have recently painted your boat, you may have to let the paint cure well enough before installing your boat numbers as this can cause the decals not to stick well enough. We cannot be responsible for decals that have problems due to installations on fresh paint jobs.
You may consult with your painter to find out the cure time for the paint.

Boat Numbers Chart